Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Reservation

Monday nights at our house, the tv is glued on Discovery Travel channel, in anticipation of Anthony Bourdain's show: No Reservation. The host's antics and comments had never disappointed us in making us laugh. May it be on food, place, or the experience He is having. Yes, the show is all about FOOD and TRAVEL.

Mr. Bourdain is an ex-chief at Brasserie Les Halles in New York. And besides cooking, He's next passion is writing. In one of His books, "Kitchen Confidential", He exposed some of the underground tales of the restaurant business. From drugs, sex, and why it is not wise to eat at a restaurant's "Lunch Special". Its totally entertaining and informative; just pardon the frequent cursing.

Here is a clip of the show when Tony went to Romania:

Last Monday's show was an extra special. After 8 years of leaving Les Halles for the lime light of show business, He goes back to the kitchen to cook for a day. His motivation? To prove to the viewers that He is not just all talk on food.

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chocoliya said...

why is it not wise to eat a restaurant's "lunch special"?